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For the Needy

For 10 years IFO has shipped dried soup mix, packed in 3 lb. plastic bags by Gleanings for the Hungry, all destined for the poor and needy in Israel.  IFO shipped nearly 30 containers, 42,000 lbs. each, which made over 30 million bowls of soup. The bags of soup mix were distributed though the dedicated efforts of 70 plus organizations who for years have carried on an outreach to the hungry in Israel. 


Due to stricter Israeli regulations brought forth during the Covid Pandemic, we can no longer ship the soup mix. 

But now, we are introducing an exciting NEW program to help meet the needs of the hungry

in Israel.  Through various organizations IFO will distribute Food Cards to those in need.

These food cards (100 shekels each, or $35) will allow families, holocaust survivors, and

other elderly, to purchase food at their local market.  The number of cards each gets will

depend on the number in a household and the need.

IFO's New Vision 

IFO now helps the needy by donating Food Cards to help families put food on the table.

Hand-made blankets + quilts from Gleanings for the Hungry as well as Calvary Chapel (Sewing Klatch). And new shoes donated by Friendly Shoes, all shipped by IFO and delivered to the Needy all over Israel. 

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